Turbocharger Reconditioning

Here at Speedup Autoparts, we provide the best turbo repair service in Australia. Our turbo experts have many years experience in assembling, rebuilding, upgrading and fault diagnosing turbochargers for all popular makes and models in Australia.

We carry the latest machinery that also used by the OEM’s such as CIMAT air flow bench and VSR balance machine. We have got all the turbo testing & repair machines equipped to ensure all processes involved in re-building turbocharger such as cleaning, machining, grinding, honing, polishing and ceramic coating to the highest turbo industry standards.  

How Much Does It Cost To Repair My Turbocharger?

The base price to repair your turbocharger is $800 including GST. It will go through the standard rebuild procedures including:

  • Strip
  • Clean
  • Test Vacuum / Electronic Actuator
  • Fit Rebuild Kit, compressor wheel and turbine wheel
  • Balance CHRA
  • Assemble Turbocharger
  • Air Flow Test of Turbo Assembly

Once we receive the turbo from you, we will inspect the turbocharger. If more parts / services than a standard rebuild procedure are required, we will need to charge extra.

These below services and parts will incur an added cost on top of the $600.00.

  • Supplying a new VNT
  • Supplying a replacement actuator
  • Supplying end housings (turbine or compressor housings)
  • Ceramic Coating end housings (turbine or compressor housings)
  • Porting & Polishing end housings (turbine or compressor housings)

What Should I Do To Get My Turbo Repaired?

Just give us a call on 0385553989 or send us an email with some details of the turbocharger.

Warranty: All repairs come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

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