Hassle Free Warranty

Turbochargers and their components purchased from SPEEDUP AUTOPARTS are covered by a warranty of 12 months from the date you have received the order.

We take all warranty claims very serious, turbochargers will need to be returned to us for a complete tear down and report to ensure we find any faults and then rectify and resolve them ASAP to get you back on the road. We Aim to have a 2 day turn around process to help customers as much as we can.

To Claim warranty, you will need to have the turbocharger fitted by a licensed mechanic. We do not cover home DIY repairs. Also, no modifications are allowed to be made to the turbocharger, these must be installed as standard and boost settings must be left as manufacturer required.

Why Do We Offer A Full Report?

We offer this service here at SPEEDUP AUTOPARTS because we like to make a point of difference, we strive on not only having good customer relations but we want to have happy customers. It’s our job as a professional turbo sales team to be able to help you with all your questions, to help you diagnose common faults and to ensure your getting the most out of your Turbochargers.

Below are some situations that are NOT COVERED by our warranty.

  1. Damaged compressor / turbine wheel caused by foreign objects.
  2. Not installed by a Licensed mechanic.
  3. Modifying the turbocharger unit in anyway shape or form.
  4. Applying silicon / sealant on turbo oil flange.